PMG Holder damaged -- does this affect value

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I received a note I purchased with the top right corner of the PMG holder bent, about a 1.5 inch bend in the plastic near where the number grade is located. Everything is easily readable and the note itself is 100% fine. Does this detract from the value of the note at all? Should I return the note?

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I don't see why it would impact the value of the note as long as the bend / damage only impacts areas of the holder where the note isn't and the note hasn't acquired a crease or other damage that it didn't have when it was graded. 

I could see people not liking the damage to the holder and someone wanting to send it in to be reholdered at some point. It's also possible that if you go to sell the note later the cost of reholdering could get priced into the price the buyer is willing to pay so it could hurt you there. I know I wouldn't be happy to see that and I couldn't blame you for feeling like that.

I think an important question for you is, how rare is the note? How hard is it going to be to find another one that's as good or better for a price you're happy with? If it's a valuable note (hundreds of dollars in value) and hard to find another one, I think I'd contact the seller and see if they'll give you a partial refund to cover a future reholdering. If it's a common, low value note, like some of the Zimbabwe notes that I collect that can run in the $15-20 range, I'd probably return it as damaged.


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