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I have been studying the 70 # grade!!!!NO kids shown tell !!this is $12k/$4k/$1k/$100k/ no game no joke no camp fire songs this is the stuff the rich can play with!! and hold there value !! no magic on 70# grades!! no fire sales!! no WAY!! i own one!! and most stay away for that very reason or  think only  on star wars !!!!!!!!!!!SERIOUS $ GAME MY 70* has a star for a reason!! over the 70!!! do some MATH!find a chepo star is like like finding Taylor swift drunk next to a dumpster !! take me home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEVER EVER HAPPEN unless some kid steals all grand pa,s notes sells them 25 cents each!!

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What you say is probably true, but, to me, that's just a reason to get something very nice in the 66-68 range and let other people play the speculation game - and that's what it is, speculation. You're just hoping and praying that when you sell there's someone willing to pay what you did or more. With a lower grade, a bigger pop, a lower price and, as a result, a broader collector base and more stability.

The other part of the problem with condition rarities is that you're hopong the pop in grade stays very low. If you're talking about a 70 you're talking about a modern note - nothing old is getting that grade. If it's modern, it's likely common, and you never know what someone is going to submit tomorrow. If your pop 1 becomes a pop 2 tomorrow, or your pop 2 becomes a pop 3, 4 or 5, chances are your "value" just tanked.

Just another perspective and worth about 2 cents.

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