Remedies for over-grading by dealers

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What are the best remedies for dealing with currency sellers who hold themselves out as experts and then will not stand behind what they sell? You buy notes trusting the expertise of a dealer and each of the notes grades significantly below what they claim them to be at PCGS currency or PMG.

This is a major consumer rights issue. What do you do in cases like this? PCGS and PMG are supposed to protect us against inaccurate and loose grading, but with uncertified notes what steps do you take to support your rights?

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Well, buy what you like / what looks good to you and that you're happy with. If grading the currency / note is important to you and the numeric grade assigned is important to you, consider buying your stuff already graded in the grade you want.

Your best defense against buying over-graded raw notes from a dealer is going to be learning to grade yourself and buying stuff in person where you can get a good look at it and not rely on someone's photography skills and honesty (or lack thereof). If you can't buy in person then buy from people with a great hassle-free returns policy, but, again, you'll have to know how to grade yourself and stick by that, because you probably won't be able to submit to PMG or PCGS and get them back within most return windows unless you negotiate such terms with the dealer seller (which you might be able to do, but I wouldn't expect many / most to go for it).

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