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Hey Guys.

Anyone know what a "Contemporary Reprint" of a Lazy Deuce is?

I saw this listing 0n ebay:


If it literally means "modern copy of a note", how can it be worth $1000+ ???


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"Contemporary" means that something took place at the same time as the subject in question. For example, a contemporary counterfeit was made at the same time the original, such as the counterfeits made by England to undermine Continental currency during the revolutionary war. In this case, a contemporary reprint of Lazy Deuce means that it was made at the same time the Lazy Deuces were being printed and/or circulated. Based on the images, I'd say that the "reprint" simply means that the number of the back of the note was put on the note when the note was actively circulating rather than later by some owner and should not detract from the value of the note as a collectible. It's not the charter number (which should be "972") so I can't say just what the significance of "2748" is. I know that "St. Nicholas" note (usually those actually showing him) do have an appeal to some collectors and could explain the asking price.

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