Folds vs Creases vs Bends

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That's a good question, and probably is one of those "I can't really describe it, but I'll know it when I see it" topics.

As I understand it, a bend is a "soft" but permanent deformation that keeps the bill from naturally lying flat but that does not break the paper, because the surfaces of the paper adjacent to the bend were not forcefully pressed against each other when the bill was doubled up. A bend does not create a sharp angle in the plane of the surface of the paper, so that a note with a bend does not have or show a permanent line in it as does a note with a crease or a fold. A bend occurs when many notes are placed in a a wallet or billfold that is then closed, or when a wad of notes is rolled up.

As I further understand it, crease and fold are essentially synonymous, although to me a crease is more severe and means that it breaks the paper so that break line is very clearly visible, whereas a fold is less apparent.

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