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I've noticed that while most PMG currency holders are colorless, some appear to have a very slight (somewhat blue) tint. Is this just variation in the holder material, or can it mean something (i.e., a reholder or possibly counterfeit certification)? I've attached a 600-dpi composite image of two similar notes of comparable grade that were scanned in using the same scanner. I realize that scanned images can have a color shift, but the tint is definitely visible to the naked eye.



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Good afternoon.  Thank you for your question.  Yes, prior to early 2016, the holders we used to encapsulate notes did have a slight bluish/greenish tint to it.  In 2016 we did change to a clear holder which allowed better visibility of the note.  You can refer to this article on our website which provides some additional information about that change in holders:  So if you have any notes that were graded prior to March/April of 2016 then they will have that older version of our holder with the tint.  You can send any of those back in to us for a reholder to have them put into our new clear holders.  The fee for a reholder is $10 per note.  If you have any other questions, you can reach us at 877-764-5570 or by email at  Thank you!

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