Problems between Collectors Universe and PCGS currency

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I was surprised to see the company president of PCGS currency complain about problems he is having with the parent company.


He did not start the thread but responded to the rampant speculation in the thread.


I would have handled it differently.

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Well, I'm with lettow, I would have handled it differently. I certainly wish Jason had just let it all pass. I would have never given the prodder any place to go. Lots to learn if you read the thread from start to end; lots of psychology (actually some psychological baiting) and I believe Jason just felt it necessary to respond. Attacks on integrity really do grind on one. What's going to be the final outcome of all this no one know for sure but don't you hate to see such "stuff" wind itself into the forums? Another interesting point for me was some of the questions and innuendos posed almost forced Jason to reply; excellent "interrogation" techniques used by the questioner. I think I'll reconsider rock collecting with my grandchildren.

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