WW2 coins and paper money

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Well, pictures would help immensely; or descriptions: denomination of the notes, serial numbers, just whatever describes them.

The MPC 461 was the 1946 issue I believe.

The Austrian 1893 is of much interest.

Happy to help where we can.

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1893 Austria 20 heller nickel in casing mint condition ,1919 Germany 5 pfennig iron in casing mint ,1936 China 5 cent copper/nickel in casing mint. I have 5 $1 bills from government of Hong Kong 1952 ,$1 banque du Canada 1957, 4 - 5 centavos 1949 from Philippines 1-ten centavos 1949 Philippines, 1000 won from bank of Korea series 583, 100 won Korea series 84

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