Anyone Want to Help Out a Guy from NGC? What do I Have Here?

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I'm a coin guy over from the NGC side of the house and been sitting on this $5 bill (not literally) for over 30 years. I recently picked up the hobby now that I'm retired and this note surfaced from the bottom of my box. It's not crisp, but not worn.







I'm planning to attend the FUN show in Orlando and ignorance is the #1 enemy of the collector, so can you get me up to speed on this error? I see 2 overlay shift errors (serial number/Treasury seal & Fed bank seal & number) on a 1969 Series A bill from the NY Fed.


Is it worth having it certified and how scarce is this error? Approximate value? Any input would be deeply appreciated.

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My specialty is confederate however I do see these on a regular basis. What you have is a major error but not a "MAJOR" error. In near gem condition I have seen them bring the $125 + range but yours is not good enough in condition or rarity to be worth while grading. I think If I could get $50-$75 raw I would let it roll.

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