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Just joined in order to submit Disney Dollars.


For submitting online, where do I find the catalog number for these? Do I need one at all? The graded holders I see have a code like DIS127 for the 2007 Aurora. PGCS doesn't seem to have a corresponding code on their holders.


And what type do I choose on the online submission?




Roy (MuckityMuck)



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  • Administrator

Good morning,


Thank you for your message. When submitting the Disney Dollars you would list them as US notes and you would be charged based on the pricing for US notes. It is not required to list catalog numbers for these particular notes, however there is a reference book that we do use. It is called "The History of Disney Dollars" by Charles T. Rodgers. If you are interested in ordering a book you can contact him at ctcoins@aol.com.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our customer service department at Service@PMGnotes.com.


Thank you!

Edited by Jennifer F.
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