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Kudos Thread: share positive buying experiences from the Note Marketplace

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you guys are starting to answer a paranoid nub's questions about selling here. doesn't look llike there is any protection for the buyer or the seller other than paypal. is this correct or am I missing something? is there a buyer beware thread?


Stuartt, We really don't need a buyer beware thread here. Usually if a seller is unfair or shows un-trustworthiness the other members will railroad them right out the door within a few days. I watched a few come and go quickly!!


Keep Up The Great Sales and Trades Guys!!!!

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Two recent transactions with Mark Feld went without a hitch - no surprise there of course. My wife wanted a couple of Indians ($5 or $2 1/2) from her grandparents' birth years.


It took a few auctions with Mark bidding on our behalf. We lost a few but in the end we got two very nice Indians that my wife loves. In my opinion, the cost to me to have Mark view the lots and bid for me was worth every dime.


The Heritage auction images did not do justice to either coin.


Thanks, Mark

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Recent purchases from messydesk and Elbessar went quite well indeed. Both top notch folks.


A while back Dooly and I made a trade without any complications.


A few months ago I bought a coins from James_EarlyUS which to no surprise went quite well as well.


Thanks to all the honest folks on this forum!


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This is a response I received today regarding SixMileRicks successful attempt at finishing TPETERS dime set. I saw one coin in a group of 7 that would fill a hole in the set, I contacted him, after mailman1959 had already contacted him, I explained what was going on, and here is his response


Hi, thanks for the note. I think I got a message yesterday from the guy trying to help his friend. I wrote back and offered both the 1971 dime for the collection and the six others if they would help for bartering for the remaining one -- or perhaps to sell to help with medical bills. My dad passed away four years ago from cancer, too, so I know what the family is going through. Please let me know what to send, to whom, and where, and I'll try to get it mailed today. Very nice what you all are doing to help another collector. --Sean McCaffrey- sonorancollectibles


He is one of the good guys, just like all of you, if you are on ebay and see something from him, maybe send a note thanking him


I already contacted him saying Rick got them all, he has responded:


Very nice what you all are doing. If it ends up you need any of these coins, don't hesitate to let me know. Just message me where to send them. Will keep TPETERS and his family in my prayers. --Sean


You guys truly are great. It humbles me seeing how quickly you all responded and accomplished this.







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Hi Leeg,


It's been a while I did not access my collector Society chat room and I was surprised and happy that you answered me. Thank you. My answers to your questions are:

The coins are RAW (P.S. I have no idea how I could have an NGC or PCGS certification (I never dealt with coins before); I have 25 US coins and the others are Egyptians, Europeans and all other parts of the World; Yes, I have images of these coins. I also have a list by year and Type, but I don't think it will fit here. Can you please e-mail me on emile.azzam@gmail.com so that I can furnish you with my excel sheets and show you what I have. I would appreciate that. Thanks again.

Emile Azzam

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I have had a couple of great transactions as a result of posts I have seen here. The latest was a collection of SAE 70's both Proof and MS. Thanks go to Coincurious7 whom I highly recommend.

Looking forward to more great purchases


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