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Bank bound set of $10 Star bills from 1999 ($1,000)

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Hi all,


I'm totally new to this so forgive me if I sound stupid, but I received a gift and was told not to take them to a bank and deposit them. I was told they were worth much more than face value.


What I have is an uncirculated bank bound set of $10 star bills from 1999 ($1,000 face value / 100 bills). They are still bound and are in a plastic bag that has been taped shut. I don't think they've ever been touched. There are 100 of these bills and the serial numbers are supposedly in sequential order from front to back. The serial # on the first one is:


BD 01693301*



I've been told the D4 is what makes these so rare and collectable.


I was at a money show a few weeks back and was told they are worth $35-$45 a piece, but no one wanted to buy them all. I have a feeling keeping them in the collection brings their value up more, so I wouldn't sell separately. Is this the right thing to do, or is it ok to sell separately?


What do you all think of what I have? Do you know if I should keep them together without separating them, or does it not matter? Finally, where can I sell these?


Thanks in advance!



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It's from the first run of two. 1,920,000 printed for the first run and 320,000 for the second. It's a nice pack, but worth $25.00-$30.00 a note. Not rare, but nice notes.


Hope this helps.

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