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In grading paper money is the highest grades (65, 66, 67, 68) what does a grader look for to determine the proper grade? In addition, how do they look,? ie lighting conditions, magnification, etc.

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Thanks for your question.


We’re in the process of adding more detailed grade descriptions to the Web site. In brief, a note is precluded from the highest grades at PMG if it displays any signs of handling. Margins and printing registration must be very well matched. All Gem CU and better notes must have great color and eye appeal, although a Gem CU 65 is of course not entirely free of all defects.


Our graders work in controlled lighting conditions (no windows, same everyday) with a single desk lamp in front of them. They do use magnification and hand held lights to examine notes more closely, although there is some variation and individual preference.


The key to good grading is, like any other similar skill, talent and experience. After looking at thousands upon thousands of notes, they’ve gained the abilities to discern minute differences between notes.


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