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Came across alot of paper money, need help getting an idea if any is valuable.

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While going through some old stuff I came across a envelope full of paper money. Some of it seems to worth more then face but not entirely sure. Here is a rundown of what was found and some pictures.. Any idea on the value of any of it would be greatly appreciated.


I am not sure what these are called but they are full stacks with the original binding with all sequential serials in non-circulated condition.


$5 1963

3x $2 1976

$1 1963B




Here some random bills that appear to at least be a slight error.. but not sure if poor cutting really counts as an error... any insight would be appreciated.



$20 1928 gold certificates



$1 1928



Also if anyone knows any other good paper money collecting sites i could post this on that would be great. I got a bunch of single stuff as well that I will list if activity is high enough.

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The gold certs are worth a lot more than face, and the groups of unc notes are also worth more than face, especially the $5 legal tenders. The Barr notes and the 1976 $2 notes were saved heavily, so there would be a premium but not substantial in my opinion. The circulated notes would likely sell for a modest premium on ebay. Great finds on the unc notes though, those are not often seen!

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