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6894 is the note number. Back before they went the newer production lines ( i think in the 1860s ) This was the main way they would make a note. (especially for local town notes). Depending on the town state Un-numbered unsigned notes could be worth more. I have a $5 Canal Bank in 66 grade that was unsigned or numbered and I get the feeling for that bank it was all too common to find them that way so that particular bank its not too rare. I guess ( to my limited knowledge of this topic) it would depend on the bank to know which unused notes like this would be rare worth more than others.

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It seems to me that unsigned notes would never have entered circulation and therefore the very great majority of such surviving notes would be graded in some level of un-circulated condition. So if there is a lot of these notes, then even a very high grading is unlikely to bestow much value.


BTW, I just acquired two such notes myself. I offered 60% off the asking price, and I think I may still have over paid.


Good luck.

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