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Dealers. ( anyone have a list of em..)

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I like rare unusual notes that usually can be had for a few $100 to $1000 depending on the payment policy. but I got alot of interesting notes in my collection BUT i have about 300 to spend so im open for suggestions. maybe a 1862 note

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Ah yes Tim, my father didnt know what to get me for chirstmas so I emailed him 2 of Tims notes that I would like. I hope I end up getting both or at least the $20 note. Replacement nationals are rare and unusual.


I have to talk to my dad tonight to see if he Emailed him.



I guess like my $10k bill falls in the rare area, so would the $10 1914 red seal ,


For as unusual like my 1934a $10 C* MULE note (lowest SN known) or low number 28 $1 red seal, I like the 1882 nationals and who can forget the lazy duce , I would love own one even in a low grade. that is one of my goals for 2008. i guess any US legal tender from 1862,63 or 69 would be nice.


I like Tim's notes just wish a few of them were more in the 300 range that I was looking at. but I think I picked 2 nice ones. ( a Oklahoma City $20 and may also get a $5 replacement national.



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