WW2 US Military Pay Certificates

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i know very little about German WW2 currency but if it's Jappanese invasion/occupation currency. sorry i cant be of more help. but if you have a Payment certificate issued by the Reich then i belive i've seen them advertised for $8-$10 other than that i'm fairly clueless

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military payment certificates didnt come around untill 1946.

True but there was also allied military occupation currency used in europe in the 1944 - 45 period and in Asia after 1945 as well. The european notes are denominated in Lira and Marks depending on where they were used and the Asia note in Yen.


During the occupation of Berlin the Russians insisted that they wanted a set of the printing plates for the Marks so that they could print the currency for the area under their control. Suspectig that the Russians might flood the market with marks and destroy their value, the plates they were given contained a "secret mark". That way if they did overproduce them, the Russian notes could be declared invalid. Sure enough the Russians did flood the market, but as far as I know the notes were never invalidated..

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