NEWBIE here and I need some help!

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My husband was given a coin collection that used to belong to his grandfather and in it, there was a 1917 $1 bill.


I cannot make out the name of the Register of Treasury but the other signer is John Bunker.


Serial number is H73972302A


I'm enclosing a photo.........can anyone help me figure out who the other signer is on this and how much it might be worth?







Here is the signature I cannot figure out:



Is there anyway to safely smooth some of the creases out of this bill?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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The signers are William S. Elliott and John Burke. This is an Fr. 37 $1 legal tender and from the look of it in not too bad a shape. As for smoothing out the creases, there is not much you can do, in the past, I would place a bill like this in between the pages of two unabridged dictionaries I have for sever weeks or even months. I suppose this would be considered pressing, and may not be veiwed favorably.


For future reference, here is a website that shows the signatures (most of them) and translates them for you:

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