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  1. Actually, I've been there - they sold 1 much earlier Port Jefferson national, a brown back in Fair condition sold for over $6K, a $5 for $1400 (VF) and a $10 for $920 (in what looks like a F), and 3 of obsoletes for about $1100 (all from the same bank, different denominations and cancelled.

    Thank you.


  2. Yes it was helpful. A specimen of the smaller $10 note recently sold for about $900 a while back on ebay I believe.

    That one looked a lot more worn than mine.




    Do you have any idea where I could get info on the shin-splits?

  3. I will soon be parting with a collection of national and obsolete notes from Port Jefferson, NY.


    Wondering if I should have them certified before trying to sell them, and what venue would be best if I took that route (I got very good response to colonials I listed on ebay last month), I am also considering selling them on ebay with a BIN prices based on my research.


    I also have a ton of ephemera from this same bank, including checks, the minutes for the board meetings from the '40's on up (with lot's of well known names on the board), an elaborately decorated embosser used to validate the stocks and the actual sign on the front of the bank.


    scans deleted - new photos will follow a.s.a.p