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  1. I've always been a fan of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. I've read a lot of books about it and have visted Jackson Park in Chicago (Where the fair was held) just to pretend it was 1893.

    Unfortunitly I'll never have the chance to see the fair first hand. But that didn't stop me from buying tickets to it. I've included scans of three of the tickets and 3 of the commemorative 1893 coins from my collection. What do you think?

    What condition do you think they are? I don't know the first thing about condition in the coin and paper money hobbies (I'm a comic guy), and only bought these items because I am a huge fan of the history.





  2. Hey guys,

    I was just going through some stuff and found two items I forgot about that I've owned for at least a decade.

    Back in the old days working behind the counter at the movie theater when old change or bills came through I'd replace them with new ones and pocket the cool stuff. I just did that cause I thought they were pretty cool at the time....finding them ten years later I still think they are cool :)


    Put I am in nooooo way a Paper Money expert. I'm a comicbook guy.

    Are these any thing special other than eye candy?

    Thanks :)