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  1. I scan all of my notes (front and back) and list them in both Word and Excel documents. All of those files are saved on both my hard drive and a separate USB drive. My scans are also stored on the server of an online photo host.


    I hope it doesn't take you too long to get everything re-entered!



  2. Neat notes! Both are obvious counterfeits, but still would be sought after by several fractional currency collectors...especially at that price! I don't collect counterfeit notes, but if you post your question on my board, you should get a response fairly quickly. In fact, there's a pretty good discussion of CF fractionals going on my board right now!



  3. The "tests" were paper tests (varied linen content as I recall). The "R" note is the control note on Regular paper. The "S" note was the test note on Special paper. There were several other paper tests conducted using small size $1 silver certs too, but they weren't so obviously marked and are most easily noted by series/block.