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  1. None of the issues you show were ever printed on that type of parchment paper .Try to seach out the same notes or types on notes on Ebay and you will see they are well know copies .They were and are sold at every historical sites gift shop .The fact that they were from her grandfather is not relevent .As these issues were circulated over 150 years ago .Good story but these were made in the last 20 years .

  2. Hey Vin .

    I have no reason to doubt you .Not my business what anyone does with there money .Not yours or anyone elses .

    I was making light and pointing out it was a bad choice to post that here .Makes no difference to me either way.But not good to advertise such things ,IRS ,ex-wives ,people you owe money too you never know who sees this stuff .


    You could have sold the Brooklyn Bridges for billions doesn't mean you know anything about bridges.

    I'm just having some good fun with you .Told you its been boring on the CU boards without your slanderous statements and foolish accusations. But then again we are still the only ones here so this is becoming quite stupid .Not that I'm not enjoying it ,its just a waste of my time .

    I think that anyone with half a brain in this business knows you by now and quite frankly are tired of hearing you.The others are just sheep that go with the heard .I don't think it matters what you say or do especially here on this dead forum .Paper money in any color wraper is a hot item these days .If your passing up something because of the type of holder its in your missing the boat big time .Thats ok though more for me .Enjoy ,see you in Baltimore .

    I'll be the one with lots of CGA graded notes .



  3. Hey Vin,

    $18,000,000 thats really impressive .Does the IRS know about that ,because if not it would be pretty stupid of you to post that in a public forum .All someone has to do that doesn't like you is make a phone call .I'm positive with a statement like that the IRS would be very interested .

    I think you have me beat but thats ok I don't have to prove anything to anyone .

    I do my fair share and what I do I don't feel the need to brag about. I have many many sales to thousands of satisfied clients .

    I'm pretty sure a few of your big clients are not satisfied as they have openly admitted it on the forums .One comes to mind pretty clearly .I beleive you upset him by publically offering out the details of those sales just before his collection went to auction .Which I think Did get you banned from attending that auction .

    I don't ever recall hearing of anyone that was ever banned from an auction .

    Thats quite impressive Vin .I must say .

    And although I don't live in a mansion I still live comfortably .And I don't have a convertable mustang either .So I guess that makes you better than me .I do have a loving wife and son which is worth more to me than a mansion or $18,000,000 in sales could .If I were to brag I think thats what I would brag about .When I posted my feedback page I was just showing the facts .Most of the notes I sell are CGA graded .So your theory means little .

    I think most people know that your bashing of CGA has nothing to do with helping the collector and lots to do with hooking unsuspecting newbies into beleiving your line of BS. CGA graded notes sell well and I will continue to use there services .

    Also were any of those CASH sales in the state of OH ? Don't you have to report those too and collect sales tax .I know I have to do that in NY ,what a pain it is too .Well your a smart guy and i'm sure you filed correctly and appropriately so there is nothing to worry about.But If I were you I'd be a little more careful where and to who I disclosed those numbers to .You never know who is reading this .


    Also with all that money do you think you could lend me a few thou. I have a lot of notes that need to be graded and you know with the fees and all .I could use some help .Also if you figure my sales over the last 9 years to total $100K I'd say i'm in pretty bad shape .So what do you say ? (I am really impessed $18,000,000 is a lot of money ) You must be the bigest dealer in the market .Wow .


    $18,000,000 thats a one an eight and 6 zero's .WOW ,You know thats more money than any major currency auction house has sold at one time .If you figure an auction like the great lakes collection was about 5 million .(I'm guessing ) and you sold by yourself $18,000,000 worth ,your the biggest and best .Wow I'm impressed Vin .Really .If I added up everything I owned it would only be a tiny fraction of that .WOW thats really impressive .


    Anyone listening ? You have to agree with me Vinny sold $18,000,000 worth of currency in the last few years .That is very impressive .You know I can call Bank note reporter and maybe they can do an article on you .I think people would like to know stuff like this .$18,000,000 .Thats a lot of money Vin .Did I say I was impressed .Well I'm impressed .You must be an expert really .Maybe there is something to what you say . Maybe I should use PMG instead of CGA .You know if you sold $18,000,000 worth of paper money you must really know your stuff. Infact I'm calling Jesse from CGA right now and telling him that since you are so impressive I'm going to listen to you and not use his services any more .I'm going to tell him to send me back the notes I have out for grading .I no longer want to use CGA .Vinny says so and I beleive him .Because he has to be the most successful dealer .He sold $18,000,000 worth of paper money .Thanks Vin you make my day .


    I'm really impressed to know someone who is that successful .$18,000,000 you say .WOW .




  4. Hey Vin,


    Good morning to you too.forgive me for bad manners but I just got up.Can't play today I have a life other than this ,really .


    If people really want the see your motives they will read that post .If not they can just take your word and buy from you .I hope you make some money .Because anyone who doesn't have the time to read about what they are spending money on deserves to deal with you .


    I get nothing from CGA but good service and a good product .The 10,000 postive feedbacks are just an added bonus of selling CGA material.


    Enjoy the day .





  5. HI Vin,

    Good to see your still kicking .I accept returns on everything I sell .And while I do sell a lot of $10 notes I also sell many ,many expensive notes .See I deal in all areas of the market and know the markets very well .Seems that you and GEM are only talking about the large size type market which I guess is a big market but its not the biggest market. And thankfully I will only have to hear from you and GEM while the large size market is hot .But what will happen when its not ? I guess you will have to go back to your day job .I suspect you know nothing of the overall market .

    I also find Jesse to be very reputable .Hes expressed several times to me that he accepts returns on anything ,but since i've never had a problem I never had to take him up on it .Fortunely for my clients I also look at every note I sell and would never just leave it up to a grading company .I can grade quite well .Better than most I would say.

    This is so great that we can discuss these things here , too bad there is no one else here to read it but GEM .

    Also I see you are selling a Black eagle star note that looks terrible Fine at best really .VF 25 ???? come on Vin if that were in a CGA holder it would be on your web site .Interesting how that one slipped by. I've kept the scans to maybe post on my Wall of shame .From what I hear there seems to be a lot of bad grades lately .

    Well it was good chatting .Will I be seeing you in Baltimore ? Stop by and say hello .I'll be over in the currency area .Maybe I can sell you some CGA graded notes and you can sell me some PMG graded notes .


    I miss you over on the CU boards ,really kind of boring without you .We have GEM but its not like having you around .


    Take care