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  1. I somewhat agree with ant, but I don't beleive all are flippers that buy expensive coins. Some people have the funds to be able to purchase high value coins and still do that for thier collection. Some people buy with the hopes of resale when it comes time to retire. Sort of like a savings acct. Some buy to pass down to generations. I say buy what you like, but also I think a goal should still be sought to have an idea of where your collection is going. Jmo

  2. My uncle knows an elderly lady that is finally looking at her deceased husbands collection. Supposedly there are lots and lots of old coins but there are also some Silver and Gold certificates. Are these of much value? Just certain ones? I know alot depends on condition, but he called me and asked me about them but I don't know much! Any info would help me better understand them. I'm hoping to be able to check out the coins next month. She has some money hungary relatives that have been trying to lowball her for the collection. Thanks all!