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  1. Just uploaded the newest version of T&P currency and the newest, coins. You can now bid in major auctions in both the T & P coins and currency programs.


    You can look at recent prices on T&P and at the same time, in an open window in T&P, determine if you want to bid on an item, and do it in T&P.


    In many cases you can see the previous history from several different auction sites. This is beneficial in the old grade inflation game.


    I thought this is great. Hell it's free for 30 days!!!!





  2. What would I have done without currency in my life?


    1. I would not have been a big pain in the butt for some.

    2. I would not have been able to retire, quit my real, ha ha government job.

    3. I wouldn't have met many many great friends and teachers.

    4. I wouldn't have been able to help my kids and their kids.

    5. I would have more, darker hair.

    6. I would have a smaller belly.

    7. I wouldn't have my 67 Mustang convertible.

    8. I would have not made millions for some collectors; tens-of-thousands for others.

    9. I wouldn't have been able to pay for lawyers, domestic and other...

    10. I wouldn't have an amazing Obsolete collection.

    11. I wouldn't have a great 1899 $2 Silver collection.

    12. I wouldn't have a great 1899 $5 SIlver collection.

    13. I wouldn't have my house paid for.

    14. I wouldn't have my car paid for.

    I'm sure there are more. I'll add them as I thiink of them.


    What would you have without currency in your life...