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  1. Unless I’m missing something, I do not see any significance of this serial number.


    Fancy Numbers


    Palindromes or radar notes .. serial numbers read same forward or backward.


    Ladders … eg. 0123456789


    Down Ladders … eg. 987654321


    Repeaters .. any sequence which repeats itself


    Low numbers … Serial numbers under 9999 are generally considered low with 00000001 being perfect.


    All 8 digits the same


    Information obtained from:

    Standard Guide To Small Size U.S. Paper Money 1928 To Date

    Written by: Dean Oakes & John Schwartz


    Hope this helps thumbsup2.gif


    one important facts every collector should know. perfectley phrased.

  2. Is there any way to request a pack of stars from the bank?


    Do star notes come out after the inital release of new bills or around the same time? Is so, does anyone know within what timeframe star notes are realeased?





    PS, i missed buying a new stack of 10's, so i might just wait and buy some 20 or something. Did anyone have any sucess of getting nice serials in their stack when the new tens were released?

  3. when they list this number, it is the number PRINTED. realize that just as any coin or regual currency, most of these notes get collected by the government and shredded. because these are star note, however, i am going to guess and say more of these are kept as oppose to non-star notes because collectors normally kepp any one they can find.

  4. I agree with Silver, i dont really see a need to keep tehm in a professional storage medium. all your bills are less then ten years old, and if all uncirculated, there should be no reason why they need to be prodtected. I personall bought 100 plastic non-pvc holders and keep all my non-current bills in them since they have a higher tendency to get damaged quickly. For the new bills, i would just keep them in a dictionary so they wont bend and possibly to trick any potential theifs.