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  1. Here are a couple more







    Colonial PA 10/1/1773





    Colonial VA $500




    National - Fall River MA Charter 590 $5 Type 1 - only 2 known in census




    National - Cleveland, OH - $1 Original Fr. 380 The Merchants NB Ch. # 773 - 4 known




    Galion, OH - $5 1882 Brown Back Fr. 472 The Citizens NB Ch. # (M)1984 - 1 of 2 known





    Selins Grove, PA - $5 1882 Brown Back Fr. 466 The First NB Ch. # 357 - 1 of 3 Brown Backs known





    Fr. 1503 $2 1928B Legal Tender Note - key note of series




    FRBN* 1860J* $10 - Max, you dont want to know how many I have now.





    FRBN* 1870C* $20





  2. I would say that depending on what type of notes you looked at prices varied.


    Obviously the market is soft, but for some selected high quality and rare notes prices are holding and more. But in general, a buyers market.


    As far as the after auction sales, I also find some good ones that filter through. But you have to take a look closely, most times the owners put high book values on them that sometimes are above the opening minimum - a reserve that may be too high for this market. Just do your homework as usual when going after the post auction sales. I get a number of them from there.



  3. Here are a couple that I picked up. Some are my specials ones (FRBN Stars) plus other rare ones and clean for the grades....


    I will show more when I can get the pictures loaded to my server.







    Educational $1 - CHAU




    Fractionals 3rd Issue - Grant/Sherman




    Charter 5152 - Colonial NB of Cleveland OH - Only Issued Brown Backs and this is 1 of 5 notes known. All are in this condition.





    Bermuda - 18b - 5 Shillings - none graded higher.




    FRN - Fr 1108 - 1914 BS Chicago $100 - Clean for the grade




    Encased Postage - HB-18 EP-33 3¢ Take Ayer's Pills (I know its round and was shiny, but they are hard to find and always with currency)





    Fractional 4th Issue - A delightful Dexter that is going into my personal collection....since I have been ignoring it for too long.



  4. Happy to get these.....Jeff


    Fr. 1200 1922 Gold Certificate AU50....I have a $20 in AU now I need the $10.





    Fr. 1850-H St. Louis FRBN...2nd key note to series....I have been looking for this one for a long time.




    Fr. 1880-D* Cleveland $50 FRBN star...another to my growing group. VF. My 6th $50 Star.



  5. I picked up a few FRBN Stars and other selected treasures. Sorry I am late posting these


    My focus has been directed to obtaining collector rarities besides notes that are just darn good looking. I have been on a mission with the small FRBN Stars for a couple years now. Along those lines, I wanted to add that for the Large Legal Tenders shown above, for type set collectors there are other Fr. #s that are more plentiful and are not considered as rare.

    The signiture combinations for these are more rare.... As far as "bang for the buck" I considered these note to be much more worthy than buying a Large Silver Certifcate 1923 Fr. 239.




    Fr. 143 $20 1880 Legal Tender PMG Choice Very Fine 35. Track & Price lists 81 known pieces for this Friedberg number. PMG has seen 13 of them, four at this level and above, and nine below. The highest seen by PMG is an About Uncirculated 55.



    Fr. 145 $20 1880 Legal Tender PMG Very Fine 25. This is a scarce Friedberg number with a census population in the low 60's and with this being the second highest of only six pieces graded by PMG. This scarcity is further borne out by the fact that we have never had more than one example in any of our 51 floor auctions going back to 1990.





























  6. When I was at the CPMX show, I was indulging in conversation and a few morsels for lunch. I noticed a guy at the next table flipping though some notes. Next to him he had a cart with several tool boxes filled with currency. I put down my sandwich and asked him if he had any notes from the Bahamas...so he pulled a stack out and I found one I loved.


    This is a Bahamas #33sp Specimen. An uncirculated regular issue note from 1965 sold last year at one of the Knight auctions for about $1500.00. This one is not that expensive, but still hard to find.




    Yes, I like fishing....



  7. Thanks gpnyc,


    Thats helpful. I was reading on the PCGS boards that some of the December specials are coming back now. Thats 3 months! The other submissison about half the time.


    I have some notes to submit, and if Glenn and his crew can turn them around like yours, I am happy.



  8. Here is a new addition to my inventory I was pleased to pick up. Its a 3rd Issue Fractional $.50 Fr.1324spnmb (specimen, narrow margin back) in AU condition.


    It sports bright paper and vivid red printing. The overstamp has exceptional bronzing void of any oxidation and still shines.


    You can see from blank side of the specimen how the watermark is very evident.


    A great note that is over 140 years old.


    Jeff 1257.jpg

  9. I would like to hear from those submitting notes to PMG what their experience has been on getting them turned around.


    Reports from PCGS customers are ranging from normal submissions of about 3 weeks to a month to over 2 months for those taking advantage of their special programs.


    I have not seen any advertised, but does PMG offer any "specials" besides the levels of service listed on their site?





  10. Vinny,


    I agree, because of all the poor uneducated based graded currency being sold on ebay, services from a TPG are needed. however I keep a black list of ebay sellers that are notorious for overgrading. The list grows all the time. If I pick something up from there, I only buy from sellers that are members of the currency forums I participate with and noted dealers that know their products and market. Or I take into consideration of an overgrade and bid accordingly.


    I contacted PMG by email as I did with everyone else. I contacted them via service@PMGnotes.com as indicated on the contact page. I am on the road Monday and Tuesday, traveling through the Buckeye in Cleveland and I will try to give Glenn a call.


    If I wanted my money back, at this time, that would not be a problem. First Heritage has been prompt and profession to offer the paid price and both ways shipping for it. Plus I have several offers for it that exceed the price I paid for it multiple times.


    Thanks for your opinion.



  11. Vinny,


    I own the note. We all know these were made over 140 years ago, but dont see alot of them.


    I guess what surprises me is the number of well qualified fractional dealers and collectors that have contacted me about this. Some solicited and others just contacted me.


    I have heard back immediately from Heritage, RJ, dtreter, Kyzivat, Kravitz and Polis. The only one who has not responded to my communications is PMG.


    I find that an interesting observation seeing that the story on this note has been posted on just about every major currency forum during the last week. What do you think?