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  1. Very good information here and thank you for the link! I saw the repeating numbers and thought maybe I had something here lol. Thank you for taking time to respond and fill me in, greatly appreciated 👍 Now that I know this is a thing I am ready to go cash in a bunch of bills with no significant numbers in hopes of finding a good one lol! Thanks again!
  2. I did come across a "coolness factor" online. So maybe that's something🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. Hello everyone, I came across this note in my change and am pretty sure it qualifies as a unique serial number. Is there somewhere online that can give an accurate value if there is one? I was also curious if there is anywhere other than eBay to sell bills or is this the preferred method? Sorry for so many questions, I am a complete newb. $1 bill serial number - L 46969698 M