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    Coin collecting, making walking sticks
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  1. You're right I just found it, it's a stamp. Thanks for all your help. Ed
  2. Do you think it would be worth anything and should I send it to get certified?
  3. Do you think that it what it is, I thought it kind of looks like it was Franklin lips and nose. Thank you for the input.
  4. Could anyone tell me what they think of this $20 dollar bill. Thank youIMG_20210716_220450.thumb.jpg.4b64df53b212fcac8bef69272da4eaaa.jpgIMG_20210716_215914.thumb.jpg.6c15bb07d6273d3c7eaf2c9ff9b3563b.jpg

  5. I just got this 20 dollar bill, I think it is a error 20 dollar bill. Can someone please help me out with this. Thank you