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  1. Thanks, that’s really helpful. I wouldn’t have even noticed the corners without your comments. I”m left handed so it’s possible that I touch these more on the left than the right. The mickey is also older than the splash mountain and was never purchased with collectibility in mind. What you said about flooding the market makes sense and I’m in no hurry to sell. I find it easier and more fun to collect than to sell. But if they are worth grading, the sooner I do it, the better so they stay in their best condition. I noticed there were 2 splash mountain graded that sold on ebay for over $100, and ungraded were around $25. If I understand the cost of grading they offer reduced rates for sequential bills of 50 or more. I’m wondering if it it’s worth paying the $299 membership and submitting my block of 50 sequential Splash Mountain bills.
  2. Here’s a picture of a couple of them. The top is a stack of 200+ bills. I have a total of about 300 bills, 50 splash mountain in serial number sequence and 50 of each of the 4 villains ( not sequential, but some have matching numbers). I also have an unopened pack of 25 chicken little, and another 25+ of various bills. I purchased almost all of them myself, and they have never been anywhere other than in my house in a drawer. I have of course handled them if for no other reason than to look at them and check the numbers. I know nothing about collecting paper money, but after seeing what DDs go for on ebay it seems worth looking into. Thanks in advance for all your help.
  3. I have quite a few disney dollars that have never been circulated. Is it worth getting these graded before trying to sell them. Thanks