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  1. They are more common. Some of these notes only have a census of 4 or 5 in a PMG65. There is one on Heritage Auctions for 2 grand that there is only 1 in that grade. I am going to bid for it
  2. Hello. Am looking for $5 FRN 1914 graded pmg 65 or better only.
  3. I love these FRN $5 Bills. Am collecting pmg 65 only and have 3 districts so far. Looking for more. Anyone out there have any they want to part with?
  4. Thank you Jennifer. But since I paid 1500 for this note thinking it was labeled correctly and it's worth way less than that I am returning it to the seller W Lang Stamp company for a refund. Just needed your confirmation. I'm never buying from Ebay again. This is the 3rd problem already on 4 purchases. It sours me greatly since this was a new hobby for me
  5. Is this note mislabeled? Is an 871a or 871b?
  6. Collecting only pmg65 notes is difficult as there is not a whole lot out there in 1914 blue seal $5 bills. I want one from each of the 12 Federal Reserve banks. I have half a dozen to go . It'd been very interesting to say the least. Are there any other auction sites besides heritage I can look at?
  7. Well different people had conflicting explanations. That particular note has a lot of that paper weave as you called it. Just not desirable for me. All my other pmg65 notes don't have it like that. I bought an 871b yesterday PMG65 and received today. One of only two examples graded in 65. None higher.. It has no ugly weave like that.
  8. Yes. That is the note I returned. I could not get a good explanation why the paper has all those marks in it. None of my other collected pieces have that and another dealer who I respect and have done business told me this was not a desired issue to have on a note. I trust him more than I do an ebay seller to be honest.
  9. I purchaed this 1914 5 dollar bill on ebay. It has a grade of pmg65. There are waves on top of the bill. The seller that was from the wet printing and collectors looked for that type of thing. I think he is full of S***. I don't see why someone would search for waves and I think maybe the bill was in the heat of someone's house or maybe even water got in there. I sent it back today. Have you ever encountered a situation like this before????? Ty
  10. I have a 1914 5 dollar blue seal cleveland district bill graded 65epq. There seems to be a ripple across the top of this bill. I just bought it. The seller says it's a natural paper weave and collectors look for this type of thing. I don't believe him. Does this hurt the value? Please help me with this so I know weather to return this bill or not
  11. I have a 1914 5 dollar bill cleveland district graded pmg 65epq. There seems to be a ripple across the top of the bill. The seller from ebay says this is a natural paper weave and is something collectors want. My other bills in my collection don't have that. Can anyone help me please and tell me if this is natural or a problem in the value?