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    Hi Jennifer, thanks for your explanation 👍
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    Imitation PMG

    Recently bought a US1 dollar 1969 grading by PMG (1004114-095). When I check at Verify PMG Certification show that no pictures and EPQ available but beside 65 mark there is no show EPQ. The cover also thin & soft and the label of PMG quite different with my others PMG collection. Worry been bought a imitation PMG grading note.
  3. PMG certification show this note have EPQ but it doesn't show beside 65 mark.
  4. Hi, recently I've bought a US1 dollar 1969 grading by PMG (1004114-095). Been check at verify PMG certification have this item but without picture. The packaging of this item very thin and quite a lot different of my some PMG collection. I feel that been cheated by the seller.
  5. Hi there, recently I've purchased a Disney silver note (1936410-023) grading by PMG. But when I checked for this note is without statistic in PMG. May I know why? And the score is 69 without EPQ. But when I check at Verify Certification PMG is show Exceptional Paper Quality. So this silver note have EPQ or no?