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  1. And you are exactly correct about the bottom pictured bill. I examined it more closely and it sure enough has a very minor fold/crease in the middle of the bill I can now see from the reverse. Never noticed that and GREAT eye for seeing and catching that in my pics. The top bill fortunately is solid as a rock (other than the margin) and has never been creased. Thanks again!

  2. On 8/22/2021 at 7:27 PM, Fenntucky Mike said:

    Looks like the top note is a Fr#1961-E and the bottom a Fr#1966-B, I'm not very familiar with these but it looks like they could be worth a little bit of money if they are in as good of condition as you say they are. The top one has some margin issues, particularly on the front, and the bottom one looks to me like it may have been folded down the center. When ever I see a line where the ink is faded, on the front and back, I get suspicious. I have a feeling that they are both worth more than face value but not much and that a dealer was handing them out as a nice gesture/conversation piece. If you go to Heritage Auctions and search their archives using those Fr#'s, with $5 at the end, you'll get to see a bunch of examples of those notes for comparison. 

    In general when dealing with banknotes you're looking for no folds, minimal creasing/handling, no soiling, sharp corners, even margins, good ink, good embossing on the overprint, no signs of pressing and just a good clean note. Do some more research and see if they are from an unusual FRB or have hard to find block numbers or signatures, in my quick searching it doesn't look like it but it might be worth a deep dive to check it out further. Regardless, I think that they are worth keeping but probably not worth grading. Good luck. (thumbsu

    More info than I could have ever asked for. Thank you very much Mike!  You have pointed me in the right direction by supplying this information. I am greatly appreciative of the time you took to explain this to me. If I have a bill that’s worth at least $1 over face value….. I would be excited, ha! Sometimes I feel just like this with coins just the same. I will look further into the info you just offered. Thanks again!

  3. If you have young children, take your $20, hang it on the refrigerator, and circle the 911 in the serial number in case of an emergency!!!! All kidding aside.  I think they would think that's cool.  I have three children, a bit older now so they know what 911 is, but I would have done it years ago. Probably wouldn't do it now because they would 'want' a $20 and it may come up missing....lol.  Still pretty cool that it starts out with 911, I like it.(thumbsu 

  4. Hello to all.  Went to a coin show last week and purchased several coins.  Every purchase there are obviously cash transactions and somehow I got back several $5 bills in change that look to me like they just rolled off the line.... Not a blemish on them and they are as crisp as I have ever seen a bill, as much, or even more so, than more modern and newer paper I come across frequently at my bank (I know they are made from a special type cloth I believe... lol).  I tried to research these as I am big into research before posting anything but didn't come up with much except eBay.  Knowledge is key.  However, I am still new to bill collecting, I am much more into coin collecting, but these beautiful bills really caught my attention and until I can learn more about bills I thought I would go ahead and post them up. The 1950 E I noticed does have a slightly misplaced 1 in the right side serial number but I am more interested about the year and excellent condition of these. I also received a 1950 D $5 but it was well circulated. Your opinions and insight are greatly appreciated (I sound like a new coin collector.... Hahaha).   Thanks for looking and for any replies.  






  5. 4 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    Cool find!

    A 1935-G, No Motto, G Block, Star Note. A slight misalignment on the serial number but not enough to add any extra value. People always like "star" or replacement notes so that is a plus. In that condition I'd say $5ish or less.

    I'm not very familiar with these notes so I might be missing something. 

    Thanks!  I actually just realized this note has the day and month of my birthday. That’s cool. Probably a keeper for me now that I saw this. 

  6. Found this tonight and just looking for some feedback as to if it has any value. I’m definitely much more of a coin collector but paper has peaked my curiosity and I’m still learning about its intricacies. The 8 in the left side serial number (pardon me for my verbiage if this is not numismatically correct) is visibly out of place but other than that I’m not sure about the general value of the bill itself. Thank you for any input. 



  7. I just joined this site. Glad there’s a site like this for paper currency. I am new to paper and have recently been looking at note serial numbers while learning all along. Just came across this $20 bill and thought I’d put it up on this forum to see where I stand on it (or where this note stands) in value. If I’m correct in saying, this is a trinary with four consecutive numbers, please correct me if I am wrong. I have used the online “Fancy Serial Number Checker” and it says that this serial number is fairly rare (I’m not putting my confidence into this yet). Cool, Almost Cool, Very Cool...... whatever it says...... is this a reliable source to determine rarity of a note? Thanks, -E7