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  1. I'm happy to report that my submission has now reached "Grading / Quality Control" status (invoice # 8074493). Any idea how long from this point until shipping? Thanks.
  2. Jennifer: It has been 27 days since my submission was recorded (July 14) and 30 days since received by PMG. When I submitted my notes the turnaround time was indicated as 20 days, today it is 27 days and my submission is still in stage 2 ("Scheduled For Grading"). I'm disappointed in PMG's inability to stand by its turnaround posting but also concerned that my submission may go another week or two before shipping. Any help?
  3. I recently sent several USA notes in for grading and noticed that the date recorded as received by PMG was 5 days after the date acknowledged by the USPS as the delivery date. Is the five day delay in recording my submission added to the turnaround time or is it included in the estimated 20 day turnaround for the service level? Thanks.