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  1. Hello: Thanks for your reply. I am attaching a few pictures on the curved note that I recently purchased and it was already graded. I put the note under some books and the curve is not as severe as it was when I received the note a few days but it is still quite curved and I'm thinking it may "recurve" more once I don't put some weight on it. I may have to reholder it, which wouldn't be a problem for me. I have a question on submissions while I'm at it. I do have other notes I would like graded. What is the best way to send all my notes from Canada - Fedex perhaps? Also, what is the implication for customs when I'm simply sending it for grading. I don't want to get dinged for custom taxes on something that they think I bought but I didn't. Thanks again for your help. Tony
  2. I have an unusual question. I recently purchased a nice note in a PMG holder but the holder has quite a bent curve to it. The note has not been affected at all. Is there a way I can flatten the holder and not damage the note so that is looks as good as my other PMG note holders? I was thinking of putting the note under a heavy book but I'm not sure that will work. Thank you.