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  1. 16 hours ago, Revenant said:

    "Money" is awfully broad. Are you talking about "Money" as in currencies, like Dollar vs Euro vs Yen? Are you talking about "Money" as in the concept of mediums of exchange and things like  Gold vs Sea Shells vs Fiat? Do you mean "Money" as in the actual currency, like the bills?

    Obviously, multiple books / volumes have been written about a lot of this stuff and there are TONS of topics out there that could easily  support a research topic.

    Hyperinflation is one of my favorite bits of monetary history to talk about, which I currently explore in the context of the Zimbabwe hyperinflation of 2005-2009 with my note set here in the registry.

    You could easily talk about the abandonment of the gold standards in the wake of WWI/WWII and the closing of the gold window in the 1970s - severing the last ties that any currency had to gold / hard assets at that point.

    You could write a paper about the introduction of paper currencies and / or the first "greenbacks" introduced in the Civil War.

    You could write about the introduction of rebel / non-governmental "money" like what NORFED was doing right up until the feds siezed all their bullion and brought them up on charges.

    You could write about the introduction of the hard times tokens and the Civil War tokens / store cards in response to currency shortages and the US government's subsequent banning of such tokens with the Coinage act of 1865 (I think that was the law anyway...)


    ... or 

    I am interested in the general topic of money.
    thank you
    You have so many ideas

  2. Hi friends
    I need to write a research paper on money, on any topic. I would like to hear from you, as professionals in this field, on what topic it is better to write a research paper.
    And if someone has materials on the desired topic and you can share, it will be cool.