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  1. I understand, I was just inquiring ,what the difference is between the A,B,& C. on the same photo. I will send you a scan of what i am referring to. Thanks for your patience. Irv Pool
  2. Hello Jennifer I think you have a later version of the same book I have,. It's just that Friedburg uses A,B & C.on their numbering system as the photo of the 1914 5 Dollar note blue seal on page 98. of the fourth edition of United States Paper Money by Arthur & Ira Friedburg. All three versions have different prices. using the same photo. Thanks Irv
  3. I have the official Red Book of United States Paper Money, fourth Edition page 99 re 1914 5 dollar notes. number F891A, F891B, F891c. all refer to the same photo.
  4. Hello I have a question the Friedburg numbers as number 891, there is 891A,,891B,891C, all reference the same photos ,but all have different prices. Am I missing something?. On page 99 of United States Paper Money. Irv