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  1. I am a member but just a little confused about prices say I have 10 note consecutive serial number 1960 and up four different series’s and years and star and non star what are prices and I have a couple of 10 consecutive 1953 and earlier single notes the oldest 1899 then some 1930’s what are prices to summit them economy bulk
  2. $1 1995 Web Federal Reserve Note New York Fr#1923-B S/N B336440607H pp6 bp8 64 EPQ. I am trying to find out what the price would to purchase this type of note I had never heard of Web Press Note until a few weeks ago and have no idea price would be. It is already graded and in the population report for PMG.
  3. $2 red seal lot of 10 consecutive serial numbers unc as far as know untouched are they worth having graded? If so what should have graded at?