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  1. 10 hours ago, Jennifer F. said:

    Good morning,

    Thanks for your message.  If you can provide your submission number, I can check the status for you.  Thanks!

    8084756  thank you Jennifer

  2. Hi, Says my notes were shipped back to me on the 12th. but I have not recieved and kind of e-mal or anything about a shipment. That's unusual, seems I've always been able to track them, so could someone check on this for me please.  Thank you

  3. If I submit a bill that i think is a 60 and price it under $1,000 and will you grade it higher and charge me the next grade scale?  I've got a 1914 $5 FRN type one Minnepolis, with a notation that reads only 32 known to exist, I dont know how to grade it and have a bunch more simsliar