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  1. Just a question, and my apologies if this was answered previously, but are there plans for the PMG registry to move to a format similar to the NGC one? The NGC one is very slick and does a much better job or organizing registry sets since it came out. I know the NGC one is still working on the custom sets portion, but was seeing if PMG was in the docket as well for a refresh? Thanks!
  2. Good Afternoon: I am adding my cert numbers to a new set I started today under the Iran - Bank Marcazi; Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi P71-P108; However, any notes that are not the first signature set (i.e.P105a (first signature set) vs. P105b (second signature set)) are not registering with this set. This is a problem with the set and was looking for a correction when possible. Also I would like to note that other Iranian sets are having the same issue. I can provide certification numbers if needed. Thanks! Zandion2010