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  1. Put this in noobie forum as well. First 2 mine. Should I get graded? Second 2 pmg 10 and 15. How much would it be from local dealer to get graded?
  2. Oh, and here is an Ebay auction I watched live last night. From first note. So this Is why I have many questions. I believe PMG10 isn't too great quality. 15 went for 800+
  3. Also have a 1940 one pound national bank of scotland Edinburgh note. Pics are too large. All have folds both ways I believe, aren't great quality but I believe no rips or tears.
  4. Hi everyone, I just recently started going through some of my old paper currency because I've been in and out of hospital all year and need to pay the mortgage etc. I found an old Chinese note which seems to be worth a decent amount. My question would it be worth getting it PMG certified? I don't have the $$ to get a membership so have to go through local shop to get graded and I do not know price. Anyway, any and all info is appreciated. I'm adding in a few pics of some other notes as well. Again all info is appreciated. It only allows 4.88 megs so I'll have to submit others in reply post. Hopefully it works. -Kyle