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  1. ANYBODY?? into paper that knows whats super hot now?? CURIOUS??


  3. IF? a note is a #50 /17 years ago and prices go up$ on some?should we regrade o(OR) not panic and let collectors and speculators offer more? if its #60 grade now is another way.

  5. NUMISMATIC PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!dad was a math teacher! do the MATH!!


  6. Anyone agree?this to me NUMISMATIC!! PEOPLE are the best WHY??? interesting/love history educating kids/hobby/investment in good times!$/worldly keepers of the economy!!!!to me each note YES!! each (i,ve learned)is a PERSON its own number its OWN!
  7. A $5,000 bill is $90,000 ebay only one $10,000 bill,$130,000 and up!!!i never see warn out cheaper ones! is a $100,000 bill $700,000 i would say YES!! any feed back and this foil job a 70# is rare enough at $60 for one note!!!close as anyone can get !! GOT ONE!
  8. your doing well!! you have a great side investment long term!!!smart and interesting!!
  9. GOT IT! true most older notes are not 70!! you buy what you like i have old stuff #8/#12 grade shows its age!you sound like you like your hobby like me and hope we can stay in touch i have a few bux but not a snobby person love this subject if i talk to the right people!!!????makes a difference .
  10. I have been studying the 70 # grade!!!!NO kids shown tell !!this is $12k/$4k/$1k/$100k/ no game no joke no camp fire songs this is the stuff the rich can play with!! and hold there value !! no magic on 70# grades!! no fire sales!! no WAY!! i own one!! and most stay away for that very reason or think only on star wars !!!!!!!!!!!SERIOUS $ GAME MY 70* has a star for a reason!! over the 70!!! do some MATH!find a chepo star is like like finding Taylor swift drunk next to a dumpster !! take me home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEVER EVER HAPPEN unless some kid steals all grand pa,s notes sells them 25 cents each!!
  11. I own #8 all to 70*!!!!!!!!!!! i know and pricy$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ a 100 trillion note from zimbawa is real !! just worth 350$ all day!! a 70* $5,000!! exchange value zippo perfect only one seen !!!! ever ,,,,thats a white elephant and is and exception the owner turned down$3,500 twice !! but will take $5,000 !!!!one of a kind !! #70* or not!! that,s a bundle of real cash for a momento!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that once had value!! till they over inflated it ALL !! i studied up on this weird bill!!
  12. GRADING/IT STRIKES ME!!/RARENESS/ART WORK/AGE/AND INVESTMENT LONG TERM ,AND LOVE THE HOBBY!!its to INTERESTING i lived all over the world as a kid now again with my eyes!!
  13. Thanks!! kev it seems there very picky ! i bought a 70* more pricy than a 70!! so its true!! glad you responded my 70* was $650 he wanted $950!!! i felt lucky!!!as a small timer of 100 notes i see 70 and seek them as you said???yes there very real and pricy$$ but sounds like when you buy perfect mint it should come back from PMG as perfect 70!!!! true!!!thats weird!!!
  14. No friends or contacts yet!! will find a male or female?person who is into this as much as i AM!!!!!!!!!!!to talk shop!
  15. I,am greg 60 this is my #1 hobby right now! super fun and interesting hope to make some positive contacts in the future!!all you need is MONEY$ i can $ee that!i could spend my last days doing THIS!!this is something i do after dinner some classical music and open the special case the magnifier !! and hobby time is ON!! with the PMG in back round for 24/7 references.
  16. Where can a guy get a worn out $10k #12/#15 rating?????
  17. HOW much is a $100,000 bill worth US.#15 grade i heard close too $700,000? #70 grade forget about it!!unless forbes or somebody?
  18. is it true any or all #70 grade is scarce....?YES! got a 70* 70 with kiss!very PROUD!!