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  1. Here is the website that lists them, (URAL 1-8, NNOV 1-6). They are also listed here: and the Nemtsovki Kevin
  2. Where do I find catalog numbers for obsolete currency? Trying to avoid the research fees. Thanks
  3. Will PMG grade obscure Russian obsolete currency, such as the Nemtsovki " ( Nizhny Novgorod Region ) bills of 1992 and the Ural Francs 1991 R 4343-4350 ? Thanks Kevin
  4. That note was graded by the old CGA that was charged with over grading. The current firm uses a Star or Diamond to distinguish between the new and old CGA. I agree that note does not look like a 64 to me, I think a 55 is fair. I would not trust CGA prior to 2009, i.e. ones without a Diamond or Star on them. Kevin
  5. Thanks for the complement, I think. Kevin
  6. Do not try to repair it. I would be better to have it graded and encapsulated to preserve it. PMG grades Canadian and they do a great job. I recently sent in over 100 notes from Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Krygrzstan, Russia, etc) and I am waiting to get them back. If you want to save some money, the Canadian Graders also grade them for about ten dollars US (12 or 14 Canadian). The two Canadian Graders are Canadian Coin Certification Service (CCCS, both coins and bills and will grade all bills) and Banknote Certification Service Ltd (BCS, only grades Canadian notes). PMG, CCCS, BCS, and PGCS notes can be listed on Ebay. Personally, I like PMG first, but CCCS also does a great job and I use them for all my Canadian and British notes. As far as your notes, I would grade it since the Canadian Government is pulling all non-polymer bills and destroying them. The price of them are going up, depending which one you have. Kevin
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    Test Notes

    Thank you, but can "Special Vouchers", such as P-M22, P-M36, P-M48, P-M23, and P-M29, go under bulk? Kevin
  8. kweb1965

    Test Notes

    Are Great Britain, England, Military, marked Special Voucher, such as P-M22, P-M36, P-M48, P-M23, and P-M29 considered to be "test notes" or can they be submitted under bulk world? Can "Test Notes" be submitted under world bulk, or do they have to be submitted under standard? Thanks Kevin
  9. I'm a working man, thus I have limited funds, but I do the best I can. Kevin
  10. Heck, I’m happy if the note is in the 50’s or 60’s. Most of my collection is from the 1800’s, with some from the 1900’s, i.e. obsoletes, CSA, colonial, MPC’s, fractional, large size bills, and Russian (Imperial, Central Asian, Soviet, and modern). I have a tone of notes that are graded from 20 to 50. The grade is important, but for me, it’s the note I like. Kevin
  11. The book is available on for 42.50, but the previous edition is a lot less expensive. Other books that may be helpful include Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, which has a modern edition (1961 to present) and a general issue (1368 to 1960). They also have the special issue, which is the one I like. Kevin
  12. I sent in a packet of 100 2013 $2 bills still in the shrink wrap from the mint. When they came back graded, I got several 67 and only one 68, with the vast majority being 66's and 65's. I have some really nice Russian bills that looked perfect to me, and they came back at 66 & 67's. I have a little over 700 notes, with most graded by PCGS, followed by PMG, and some graded by CGA, and I often wondered if 70's exist. The only 70 I see for sale are foil notes, Smithsonian sheets, and Star Wars notes on eBay, but I don't those those. Kevin
  13. I have the PMG list of all the different types of Disney Dollars. However, I was wondering if they have a similar type of list of all the other different theme park currencies, such as Beagle Bucks, Universal Dollars, Legoland Dollars, Chocolate Dollars, Scooby Bucks, and Dolly Dollars. Hopefully the list would be in a Excel or Word format. PMG has, by far, the best list, and coding system, for Disney Dollars, but am having difficulty finding a similar list for other theme park currencies. It is frustrating since excel lists are readily available for other currencies types, such as Fractional, Confederate, MPC’s, and Allied Military Currency.
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    Example of Bad

    I have not heard of CGC before, are they even in business? The holder does not look like decent quality and the grade looks a little high. I may be off, but it looks more like a 62 or 60. With regards to CGA, they were bought out by John Spinelli in 2009 and he has really turned that place around. However, a lot of people got burned by them prior to 2009 and thus, there reputation is still suffering. The "Diamond" and "Star" that I own appear to be graded fairly, but they have become conservative and very cautious with their grading. I used to use PCGS for most of my grading, but I am moving over to PMG because PCGS takes way too long to grade notes, i.e. 4 to 5 months. CGA is quick, 14 to 21 days, but the notes cannot be sold on eBay, and PMG takes only 45 days or so to grade. CGA is great for lower cost and foreign notes though. Kevin
  15. I have notes that are graded by them. Make sure you get the ones with a Diamond or Star on them because those notes were graded after John Spinelli purchased the firm back in 2009. Notes graded prior to 2009 can be problematic. Spinelli has done very good job turning the firm around, but they are still much smaller than PMG and PCGS. Plus, you can’t list them on eBay, but other auction houses do sell them as well as numerous dealers. The good part of CGA is that they get the notes back to you in about 2 to 3 weeks at the latest, while PCGS can 4 or 5 months. PMG bulk submissions can take a month or two, which is more reasonable than PCGS. Kevin
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    I have a lot of notes graded by PCGS in which the holders are in bad shape. Will PMG reholder them for me and if yes, how much? Or, should I just send them back to PCGS? Thanks Kevin
  17. I know PMG grades Disney Dollars and other theme park currencies, such as Beagle Bucks and Dolly Dollars. Does PMG have a complete list, preferable in Excel, of all the different Beagle Bucks, Legoland Dollars, Chocolate Dollars, Dolly Dollars, Scooby Bucks, and especially Universal Dollars. PMG has, by far, the best list, or coding system, for Disney Dollars, but am having difficulty finding a similar list for other theme park currency. It is frustrating since excel lists are readily available for other currencies, such as Fractional, Confederate, MPC’s, and Allied Military Currency.