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  1. Can you please add three Fr 1608 Exp notes $1 Silver Certificate notes to the Set Name: $1 Silver Certificate Experimental Variety Set These notes were recently discovered in the BEP records and truly are experimentals that belong in the Experimental Note Set Stated another way, PMG is grading these as experimentals so they should be added to the Set Article: Fr 1608 EXP 1935-A X00000001B – X00720000B Y00000001B – Y00720000B Z00000001B – Z00576000B The papers being tested were made from the following mixes of fibers: • XB control 75 percent linen cuttings and 25 percent cotton cuttings; • YB 50 percent linen cuttings and 50 percent cotton cuttings; • ZB 50 percent linen cuttings and 50 percent raw cotton fiber. The control was the normal paper composition in use for currency production at the time. Linen and cotton cuttings refer to scrap fiber obtained from textile mills whereas raw cotton fiber was fiber that had not been processed into thread. PMG is now grading these as Fr 1608 Exp, here is an example
  2. Unfortunately quite sad but the fall back is that grading is only an opinion not a science. We (probably) have all been burned on grading over the years so your concern is genuine
  3. PCGS staff have been busy finding and brokering notes for several of the Registry members.
  4. The PCGS Website and FB pages (2) have been removed from the web. This looks very bad as one of the partners departed last month.