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  1. Hi, for invoice 8056824 it was supposed to ship back on my USPS Express account. That's what it said on the invoice I sent in. The total fee was supposed to be 18.00. I got charged $45.45 to my credit card and they said it was going back Registered mail and that is why the extra shipping fee. Can you ship back on my express account and refund the difference? How does that work? I have a paper copy of the invoice I sent in where it says 18.00 to be paid to PMG. Can you verify how that will be shipping and the fees for me? thanks for your help!! Patrick
  2. khafre

    Margin Touch Up

    Oh so if i just sent it in for reholder it would still come back as 58 without a NET grade? It's just that the comments words might have changed and they would need to see it to say exactly what it would be? I just wanted to make sure it would still be a 58 without a NET grade? thanks!
  3. khafre

    Margin Touch Up

    The cert number is 1144659-003
  4. khafre

    Margin Touch Up

    Hi, I have a note in an older PMG holder graded Choice About Unc 58 with a comment on the back that says Margin Touch Up. If I sent that in for a new reholder what would it say on that back now? Would it come back as Net or Details graded and what would they say for a comment? I'm thinking about sending it in for reholder but just want to verify what grade it would come back as and comments used. And if now they call that a Net or details grade? Thanks!