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  1. Hi, there are erroneous registry scores for CHN878a on grades 65 to 67. Please rectify. Thanks.
  2. PMG attributed the CNY 4th series 1Yuan with sky blue serial number as CHN884. In the announcement, there was no mention of additional Chinese character pedigree assigned to CHN884c. However, on the market, I see at least 3 different labels for this note, one without any Chinese pedigree, and two with different Chinese pedigree. Can I check if they are all official PMG labels for this note? Pictures attached. Thanks.
  3. Hi Mod, Some currencies were issued as a sheet (4-, 8-piece per sheet for example) for commemorative purpose. For example, CHN888a has the 4-piece sheet variant and the standard single note. Can I check if PMG distinguishes the sheet count from the single note count, or are they lump together under the single P-888a category? If collectors would like to know the specific population report for the sheet variants, does PMG provide such statistics for free or for a fee? Thanks.
  4. Hi Mod, PMG's population report is well-received and extensively used by numismatists around the world. Does PMG offer detailed report, either free or as a paid service, to members on specific population statistics? For example, I'm interested in knowing the specific prefixes and serial numbers for all CHN887b notes graded 68 and 69. Would PMG be able to provide this information for a fee? Thanks.