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  1. I guess the history I am looking for is more or less about Chinese notes of the time, not so much the specifics where these two came from. How far did Chinese notes circulate during the 30s and 40s? Why were they given to GIs during the war? Why are they printed in English on one side, and Chinese on the other? I am into history, especially WWII, and Chinese money of that time is something that I haven't researched until now.

  2. A friend recently gave me a few bills that his grandfather had gotten in WWII while stationed in Europe. I found the franc notes listed on Ebay for about $5 apiece (I'm taking that price with a grain of salt) but I was unable to locate a couple of Chinese notes. The first is a one Yuan from 1936 with Waterlow & Sons Limited, London printed across the bottom, and the second is twenty cents from 1940 with Chung Hwa Book Co, LTD printed across the bottom. If anyone can help me out on these it would be a great help. I am interested in the history as well as the value. The fact that he was stationed in Europe, and got these Chinese notes has me a little puzzled. Thanks for your help.



  3. The idea that a collection could be finished turns the hobby into a quest or obsession. There are always different varieties, errors or even related items that can expand a collection far beyond what was the original intent. If you don't add a new piece to your collection and then spend the next several days annoying your significant other about what a great addition you have made, then you just might be done collecting.