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  1. Thanks for the answer GW! I appreciate that you had a clear answer for me.

    Well...i didnt knew if that curve affects the note, so i wanted to ask the forum. You said that it doesnt affect it and i take it into consideration. My notes are very expensive too, and i didnt like the curve in the holder in an ms66 banknote. I hope this doesnt leave any permanent folding even if it is very light. Thanks again for your time ;)


  2. Hello to forum! I had my first PMG notes about 2-3 months and I have to say that i expected the holder to be hard plastic like coins. Instead, the holder is like a lamination, but the real problem for me is that is bending. The surface ot the holder is not straight and the banknote follows tha curve of the holder. I am worrying if this thing cause folding problems on notes inside..Is PMG thinking of changing the holders to a hard plastic like notes? I think that at least the holder should be totally straight without any curve on its surface.