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  1. Just found some prototype Deptford Pounds on ebay.


    As with loads of Transition Towns movements, DIY Deptford is trying to get a local currency up off the ground, much like in Brixton.


    Should be interesting to see if they pull it off.


    Here's the blurb.






    As part of initiating a Deptford Transition Town movement, these notes were distributed at an event held at the Utrophia Project Space, promoting the idea of a local economy for Deptford http://www.utrophia.net/projects/DIY-Deptford.


    They are designed by artist Stephen Molyneux http://www.utrophia.net/people/StephenMolyneux, the organiser of the event,


    They are printed on high quality professional paper (same thickness as the Euro) so that they may be dispensed by the lobby ATM machine that was installed in the space as part of the event (see image).


    These first available notes come with the receipt that they were dispensed with, giving a date and time.


    For an added £75 the note and receipt can be bought in a numbered, limited edition frame, archiving and presenting both note, receipt and short provenance, detailing its origin.


    There are £50's available as well, soon to be made available for auction and buying direct.