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  1. 82 days is a bit of time but it could be worse. The last submission I sent accross the street took 5 months.
    My math may be bad, but I think that's about the same! It's now 85 (instead of 82). But it's "working days". If you take out, weekends, holidays, shows, etc. 85 working days is about 5 months....
  2. I would say, IF that note is an XF45, you are looking at a $900-$1,100 note already in a TPG holder. I definitely wouldn't use the BIN, and if you aren't overly familiar with grading (the scans aren't that big on the listing), I'd be very cautious and see if anyone knows the seller first.


    Unfortunately, it is very common for pricey raw notes on eBay to be notes that have been "doctored" to make folds less prominent, remove stains, etc. Not only does this potentially do things like scuff the paper surface and add a distinct odor, but it will also cause the note to lose the cherished "PPQ/EPQ" notation from the grading companies.


    Anyway, if you are comfortable in your ability to assess the notes grade on eBay, that's great. But, I use a great deal of caution buying any ungraded note from there (i.e. I typically pass, unless it's an obvious low grade (or CHEAP!) note, being sold as such).


    Good luck in your quest!

  3. Do you guys think that prices are depressed across all paper currency, or are there only certain types? One of the things I've found the hardest is that if you just have one "collection" going, then the hobby is slowwwwww!!! So, I'm trying to start up a few different type sets to going, so I can "multitask"! If there are certain notes/sets of notes that seem to be underpriced, I'd certainly be willing to move those higher up the queue in terms of my interest....