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  1. Hello!!


    Today I added a new very interesant and complete history of Institut d´emission de l Áfrique occidental et du togo


    I added information to the specimen that are totally new and are really interesting.This is very interesting for those who collect African bank notes and for those who like to delve into the world of notafilia.


    I will strongly advise you to read carefully





    Thanks for all!!


    If you read in you can see the same message doh!:roflmao:


    Thankyou for all!!! Ç:-)

  2. Hello!!

    Today I have added a new very rare african banknote

    This is a :





    Today I added the first entry with part of the information , and I will add the other information


    first: information banknote

    second : information of first Agence of Dakar and who was Mr. George Violamer?





    I hope you like it very much

    you can read in English if you change lenguage on right of page




  3. I add a new banknote with a very interesant history about its design


    This new entry in the blog is very interesting and discusses the possible copy of a banknote designer on the work of a great photographer

    Sebastien laurent and Edmond Fortier.


    I think you will like very much

    The Title : EDMOND FORTIER


    You can read also in english translation on the left column



    Thanks for all

  4. Hello This is my Blog of banknotes of A.O.F and french west african colonnies


    I Think that You Like it


    The lenguage is Spanish but there are little text.


    when I writte well english I translate the text. the translate to myself, but My english is very poor



    If you understand spanish and english you can help me with a good translation spanish - english for put in my blog.

    only are two post, and I can Put your name ( Translate to english for ( your name)


    very Thanks for all

    my french african Banknotes Blog:




  5. Hello From Barcelona,Spain. I am Santiago


    This is my first post because today I registered here.

    Thanks for PMG and for all persons that are here.


    I Like very much French African Banknotes .

    And I Think that I can post my banknotes here and also you can do it.


    Thanks for all and sorry for my english


    The first banknote That I post is the first specimen of Republique federale du Cameroun 100 Francs type 1962. The banknote is rare.

    President Ahidjo whith mountains on right ( Francais and English lenguage)

    Back two ship in a port


    This Banknote is a 64 PMG


    thank for all